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Tips for a Stress-Less Holida

Nap like it's your job  Go to bed early, wake up late, turn off Netflix.

Eat.  Yes, eat, lots.  Eat nourishing, warm food. Snack on healthy treats, even if you aren't eating your best during the holidays, adding in healthy food will keep your mood stable.

Keep your feet warm  When your feet are warm, you are more grounded and able to help the energy in your body flow.   Wear a hat, but don’t forget your wool socks and heating pad at night!

Wear a scarf wearing a scarf will protect your neck from sudden chills, keeping neck pain down, and also keeping the 'wind' that brings sickness into your body out.

Move gently.  Yoga, walking, swimming and other low impact activities are great for the winter months. 

Limit booze.   I know, crazy talk, but seriously, booze is really hard for your body to process.  Plus, booze makes  activities that help maintain sanity harder.

Take time to be still.  Cozy up to the fire, work on a puzzle, play a board game, read a good book, take some time to be calm.

Say no. Holiday parties, family gatherings, travel, cooking, shopping, decorating, blah blah blah. Choose activities that fill you up, and say no those that don’t.  Your kids will have an amazing holiday even if the decorations aren’t up. (ask me how I know!! :) )

Be of service A time tested way to feel better is to help those less fortunate.  Donate toys, food or clothing to a drive, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or say a kind word to a stranger.  Heart warming activities will do a lot to combat the stress of the season.

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