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Eating for Winter

Traditionally, winter is a time of diving inward, moving slowly and storing energy for spring.  In modern times, winter has become a time of parties, travel, shopping and once the new year hits, lots of dieting and exercise.  All of these activities stress your delicate body, which, like the seasons appreciates a time to rest, rejuvenate and reflect.  Come spring, the trees will wake up, the leaves will sprout, the days will get longer and we will begin to have more energy. During the winter, it is a good idea to listen to your body, take long naps, cozy up by the fire and eat more than you do in the summer months.  During the winter, your body is living on what is already stored, it doesn’t have extra energy to stay up late, work long hours or drink to excess. Winter is the time of your Kidneys, will power, inward movement, cold, wet, and the emotion is fear.

Kidney Enhancing Foods:

Anything from the sea, including seaweed, fish and sea salt.

Anything that is black or dark blue in color, Dark berries, dark beans, dark seeds, dark greens, kelp, spirulina.

Food that is in season during the cold months include:

Root vegetables like beets, carrots, and turnips

Black Sesame Seeds. These nourish your Kidney, the organ of winter, they are delicious on oatmeal or as an added crunch to any stew

Beans black, kidney, aduki beans are all good choices for winter. Make a hearty chili and feed your soul

Roasted nuts like walnuts and cashews

Warm Chai Tea Just watch out for added sugar, Chai is notoriously sweet. You can make your own!

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