Come on in and get to know our handmade, all natural products.  The Contemporary Herbalist uses all natural ingredients and Chinese herbs to create totally unique, totally amazing salves, balms, tinctures and skincare.  All products are avaliable in store, or online.


Master herbalist, Dr. Chris Cannon, has formulated this amazing line of tinctures to help with everyday issues. 

  • De Stress will help take the edge off and lower frustration levels. A handy one to keep in your bag.

  • Sniffle and Sneeze will stop a cold it in its tracks!  

  • Immune Boost will keep your immune system running strong to fight off seasonal yuckies.  Take it on the airplane!

  • Just Chill helps when you feel overwhelmed and slightly weepy.  It helps promote sleep and a sense of serenity. 

  • GO will give you a boost of energy without the caffeine

high or sugar crash.

  • Pain Free helps fight pain, especially menstrual cramping.  


A full line of all natural skincare products made from Chinese herb infused oils and essential oils.  
Our face oIl, which can also be used as an oil cleanser, comes in 2 formulas.  Revitalizing Face Oil is designed for aging, dry or damaged skin that needs a little extra love, this formula will hydrate and repair.   Nourishing Face Oil is designed for softer, younger skin, to feed, detox and freshen.  
We also carry moisture mist, relaxing bath oil, massage oil, hand and lip salve, lip balm and essential oil roll-ons.  Roll these on your wrists, or by your nose for energy, calm and sinus clear.  
Come in and try out your new beauty regime!


Chinese herbal medicine dates back centuries.  We carry only top quality, lab tested patent formulas that cover many common complaints.  These formulas come in pill form.  
Come in and talk to us about what is going on with you.  
We have formulas for digestion, hemorrhoids, headaches, chronic and acute cough, allergies, stress, sleep issues, anxiety, emotional upset, night sweats...  Just to name a few!


Custom herbal formulas are created by our team to address your needs on an ultra personal level.  Do you have headaches, digestive issues and cold hands?  We can make up a formula that is unique to you and your symptoms.
These formulas are made up of powdered herbs that you mix with water into a tea and drink twice daily.  
They doesn't taste awesome, but they do work awesome!



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